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Oneblock is a leading source of information services for cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology platforms and decentralized applications. Our mission is to raise awareness about the cryptocurrency space by informing and educating viewers with credible data on current issues and relevant topics. To achieve this, Oneblock provides accessible news, price updates and analyses on the effects of related communities on cryptocurrencies, and their impact on economies.


The team is lead by experts that specialize in Blockchain technology, Crypto Asset Valuations, ICO analysis, ICO consulting, and Blockchain based Smart Contract Development. The Oneblock team is passionate about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and the possibilities that blockchain based applications can create for real world applications. As awareness and knowledge of what this technology can make possible grows, individuals, institutions and governments are beginning to incorporate it into their processes. In a world where technological innovations are becoming increasingly important, we aim to keep a diverse range of users equipped with the proper tools to make informed decisions about their lives.