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Crypto-Investing for Passive Income

To properly value a Crypto-Asset, or any ICO it is important to understand the fundamentals of the underlying project. Before a decision is made to invest the project should be analyzed from several different perspectives.

Join a select group of Crypto experts and enthusiasts for a crash course in Crypto Investing for Passive Income. In the next few years blockchain enabled projects will revolutionize several industries. It is essential to have a basic understanding of how to value these projects and assess the impact they will have on their respective industries.

As awareness and knowledge of what is possible with cryptocurrencies, tokens and blockchain technology grows, individuals, institutions, and governments are beginning to incorporate them into their processes.


ICO Investing for Passive Income is an interactive and intimate lecture session with experts. We limit our class size to 10 students and leave a good amount of time at the end for questions.


This session covers the following topics:
1. How to enter the crypto market
2. What to look for when valuing an ICO
3. Legal and jurisdiction analysis of ICO teams
4. Crypto Exchanges, market data and resources
5. Storing your holdings safely
6. How to exit large positions without crashing the markets


This session is for beginners and enthusiasts. No programming knowledge is required.
For any questions please email: [email protected]


What to bring
Laptop or notebook to take notes.


Important to know
This session is focused on how to find, value and invest in crypto and ICO offerings. We will not be discussing the workings of blockchain technology in this meetup.