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ONO, the First Blockchain-based Social Network in China, Officially Announces Running for EOS Super Nodes, and may Become the World’s First Landed DAPP on EOS Since April’s Going Online

Today, Dapp ONO, which is known as the first blockchain-based social network of China, has simultaneously issued the big news on Xu Ke’ s micro-blog and ONO’s official micro-blog, who is its founder and CEO, claiming that ONO will formally participate in the bid for EOS 21 global super nodes.

Subsequently, the founder and CEO of ONO told the outside world at the official Chinese group ONO telegram @ONOCN: This is an exciting time! The EOS eco-participants participating in the bid for global EOS super nodes will jointly take the mission of serving all humanity! ONO is ready to provide computing and bandwidth support for global network users. If the bid is successful, ONO will build an orderly ecological network with the other 20 super nodes around the world.

When this news came out, the discussion on the EOS super nodes in the blockchain field was triggered instantly! A few days ago, screenshots of conversations between Brendan Blumerkan, CEO of EOS, and Xu Ke, ONO’s founder and CEO, in the Telegram sprouted on the Internet. Brendan Blumerkan received a white paper on the ONO project and praised ONO without reservation! As the world’s first DAPP to land on EOS, ONO may become the most powerful contender for EOS super nodes!

It has been reported that there are more than 800 blockchain startup projects in China across 13 areas, such as finance, social networking and e-commerce. As a pioneer in blockchain social networking, ONO has already made a figure, and stands out from many blockchain applications worldwide, thanks to its gained excellent reputation in the blockchain field, strong technical support, excellent UI interaction, global user-appropriate operation methods, and new social concepts. ONO deserves its first place in the field of blockchain social networking.

ONO is the largest free, decentralized social network around the world. Based on blockchain technology, ONO is committed to creating an attention value ecology featured with freedom, equality, social co-governance and diversity.

In the ONO value system, All for users. Only, Always. ONO respects and follows the truest voice of each user. In ONO, you can get democracy, equality, freedom and diversity that you never enjoy from a centralized platform. The user will no longer be defined as a product that makes benefit for the platform, but a product that gain revenue directly through the production of content.

Xu Ke, the founder and CEO of ONO, is a serial entrepreneur and an advanced placement student, who graduated from London College in the United Kingdom at the age of 19 and returned to China in 2014 to participate in the blockchain business. In the same year, she successfully led her team in the development and operation of a social App ERA, based on cognitive surplus value. In the first week of going online, it attracted more than 10 million users to register on with its definition and incentive of attention value. Ten days later, it successfully entered the social ranking list of the App Store, and was ranked 6th. With its monthly trading volume of over 8 million, with a valuation of 120 million yuan, ERA became a phenomenal product that became popular at that time in China.

As one of the earliest blockchain entrepreneurs in China, she was prescient enough to complete the acquisition of the senior blockchain technology team of Silicon Valley led by Jaff Ma at the end of 2017, becoming a pioneer in the establishment of a cross-border blockchain technology team in China. It is hoped that efforts will be made to promote the popularization and development of blockchain technologies and applications.

In the same year, she led the team to successfully develop and run a blockchain game called “Cryptodogs” based on graphics algorithms. The creation of cryptodogs was with great preciseness. Genes generated with algorithms and drawn by machines were to ensure that every dog was unique. In addition, the genesis mechanism solved the inflation of the Ethereum cloud cats. When Cryptodogs went online with the price of a single puppy at approximately 300,000 RMB (90 ETHs), it sold thousands of ETHs on the first day. Now, a puppy is worth up to more than 9 million (2,500 ETH).

Xu Ke is also known in China as “the first person in blockchain social networking” by many top investment institutions and first-line authoritative media. This time, with Xu’s announcement to run for the EOS super nodes, it is hoped that ONO will have the power to contribute to the popularization and development of blockchain technology and its application areas.

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